Juvenile Law and Procedure

Juvenile Law and Procedure

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Gangs and Related Problems for Law Enforcement
Ivy Bridge College/Tiffin University


The intention of this paper is to provide background information of the gang problem in Nevada. This paper will discuss this new breed of gang, the law enforcement agency that has been put implemented to control gang activities. This paper examines local responses to gang problems and summarizes gang activity in Nevada to handle gang-related violence and crime.

Gangs and Related Problems for Law Enforcement

Gangs are nothing new to the state of Nevada. Gangs have existed in Nevada for decades as they have for many other states. However, crime has recently escalated due to gang-related violence and crimes. According to Metro, the Los Angeles gangs are relocating to the Las Vegas Valley and Reno areas. The relativity of the Nevada gangs and Los Angeles gangs are significant as they are so close together, that many times they join forces to commit crimes, and then go back to their perspective home state. According to the FBI, “Clark County is the tenth worst area in the nation for the number of gang members.” In Vegas, there are more than 15,000 street gangs roaming the strip and downtown in the prime tourist areas and that is only for the ones that law enforcement knows about. According to the LVMPD, the area is seeing more bike and Hispanic-based gangs in Las Vegas and its surrounding areas. Here in Southern Nevada, there are over 300 gangs with approximately 8,000 members. These gangs are no longer the one-dimensional gangsters of yesteryear they are a different breed. They are what the LVMPD call the “hybrids.” They are much more complex than their counterparts are and substantially more dangerous (Gang-Related News, n.d.).
According to the LVMPD gangs, such as the Piru Bloods, the Bounty Hunters, the Compton Crips, the Grape Street Crips, and the Hispanic gang, 18th Street Gang are associated with the L.A. gangs who have relocated to Las Vegas and have...

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