JZM350 Drum Concrete Mixer

JZM350 Drum Concrete Mixer

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JZM350 drum concrete mixer is a kind of friction drum concrete mixer, which uses the rubber roller friction to drive to work. Its biggest characteristic is that the noise is very small when running, and very stable, the production efficiency is relatively high.

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First we will introduce what are called the various components of JZM350 drum concrete mixer. This concrete mixer is composed of traction frame, supporting legs, front supporting wheel, walking wheel Small [url=http://daswellchina.com/products/concrete-mixers/sicoma-planetary-concrete-mixer.html]concrete mixer for sale[/url], feeding frame, hopper, water supply system, mixing drum, electric control box, supporting wheel mechanism, hoisting mechanism, stirring transmission mechanism, chassis [url=http://www.dwmixers.com/products/concrete-batching-plant/stationary-concrete-batching-plant.html]concrete batch plant layout[/url], engine cover, stirring motor cover, hoist motor cover and tire cover etc. I believe that after seeing the above name, users will be able to understand the name of each component of JZM350 drum concrete mixer.

The main technical parameters of JZM350 drum concrete mixer produced by Pioneer Machinery: The feeding capacity is 560 liters, the discharging capacity is 350 liters, it can produce 14 cubic meters of concrete per hour [url=http://www.blockmakingmachinery.org/products/DMBE-2-45-Mobile-Block-Making-Machine.html]mobile block machine[/url], the revolution of the mixing drum is 15 rpm. Hope that the majority of users can be more profound understanding to the JZM350 drum concrete mixer production capacity after seeing the above parameters, and choose the right mixer.

JZM350 drum concrete mixer is a kind of...

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