Kill Bird

Kill Bird

|Word Count: Date: 3 October 2008

Mrs Parsons’s murderer

“Go to your room, it is way past your bed time” my mom cried. “In minute” I replied. I always hated my mom for telling me to go to bed early as no matter what I tried I could never go to sleep; I am basically what you call a “night” person. I usually stay up at night till 3 am watching television on the weekends and wake up past noon. Realizing arguing would not get me anything I unwilling went to bed. After over an hour of turning and twisting I decided to read a book. After shuffling through my books I finally decided to read to read my newest book, Eragon. Just when I was really getting into the book a sudden lighting flash took my attention and ruined the mood.

I looked outside and it was heavily raining. I opened the window and I could smell the strong scent of the wet soil. The wind smashing large rain drops against my face. I stood there for a moment with my head out the window just taking refreshing environment in. it was a quiet night yet the clouds thundered as god himself was mad. I was about to resume reading when suddenly something caught my eye. The old Parsons mansion that only contained Mr. and Mrs. Parson had a delivery truck outside their house. My curiosity wanted to know were getting so late at night but I could not see anything as their mansion was too far. They were very rich people and had pretty much everything anyone could ever wish for. I wonder where they even got the money to buy such luxurious things. Oh well, I guess some people are just lucky, who knows maybe they won the lottery or something. Dreaming about how my...

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