Kudler Presenatation

Kudler Presenatation

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Issues at Kudler Fine Foods
Norvell Golden

University of Phoenix

September 15,2008

Issues at Kudler Fine Foods
According to the Merriam-Webster online dictionary, an issue is defined as “a matter that is in dispute between two or more parties” or “a vital or unsettled matter.” A problem is “a source of perplexity, distress, or vexation. (2008)”
At Kudler Fine Foods one of the vital matters is the fact that most of their inventory is perishable. It isn’t easy to predict what perishable foods customers are going to buy, therefore they were having to significantly mark down food so that it would sell before it went bad. They still had to donate or throw away 12% of their inventory.
Another issue at Kudler Fine Foods is that Kathy Kudler, the owner and manager is directly involved with the daily business at each store. This management style ensures that her customers will receive the gourmet shopping experience and excellent customer service that they have come to expect. Conversely, Kathy is rarely able to take time off since no one else really knows the ins and outs of her job. Expanding the business to other parts of the state would also be a challenge with Kathy’s current management style. She is already spreading herself thin; if she attempts to run her existing stores and open one in the Bay area, it will be impossible to continue her close watch over the daily operations.
An issue that may be argued at Kudler Fine Foods is their inability to meet the salary requirements of qualified workers. Allowing their employees to take home some of the perishable goods does not satisfy the mortgage payment or other bills that have to be paid. It is beneficial in that it helps put food on the table. Another issue would be the small management staff. Because the company is ran primarily by the founder, the overload could become a bit much and a discussion may arise that more managers...

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