Kuiper Leda Supply Chain Defense

Kuiper Leda Supply Chain Defense

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Kuiper Leda Supply Chain Defense
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Kuiper Leda Supply Chain Defense
Kuiper Leda Inc. is an electronic components manufacturer established to manufacture Electrical Control Units (ECUs) and also sensors for automotive industries. They have been in operation for 10 years and began with revenues of $100 million and now the revenues are $400 million. Supply Chain Management is necessary for the continued growth of Kuiper Leda Inc. Kuiper works primarily with customers with small companies but is known for building reputable ECUs and RFIDs. Kuiper Leda’s manufacturing warehouse currently has a limited capacity of ECUs and RFIDs to be manufactured per day. While the limited production sometimes damages opportunity for growth, Kuiper is still recognized for the strict adherence to the delivery scheduled promised. Kuiper had a consistent customer base due to great customer relations triggering repeat orders. Since the industry for ECUs and RFIDs is highly saturated, Kuiper must focus on continued quality management and expanding production.
Demand for products changes constantly. Since the supply chain is already inundated with orders, Kuiper is confronted with managing an overloaded production system. Since the system is overloaded, Kuiper is required to manage the plants operation as efficiently as possible. Supply Chain Management includes storage of raw material until needed, movement of raw material to process area, product under process, and goods completed. Due to warehouse storage problems and fee, most companies are going to the JIT production line to ensure material or product is nearby when needed in the appropriate timing. Suppliers are integral in the delivery of raw material. Material must arrive at the appropriate time when production is beginning to ensure no delays are experienced.
This paper will scrutinize the supply chain Kuiper Leda uses to...

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