Situation and Gap Analysis of Kuiper Leda

Situation and Gap Analysis of Kuiper Leda

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Gap Analysis: Kuiper Leda
C. McKinney
University of Phoenix
Resource Optimization
Murray R. Millet
February 9, 2009

Gap Analysis: Kuiper Leda
Kuiper Leda Inc., in the Republic of Novamia is an electric components manufacturer. It specializes in the production of Electronic Control Units (ECUs) and sensors for the automotive industry. Its clients include automobile manufacturers and Original Equipment Manufacturers (OEMs) for the automotive industry, University of Phoenix, Simulation 2009). Kuiper Leda Inc (KLI) is concerned with developing an efficient production so the suppliers can receive products.
KLI is confronted with several situations that challenge the company’s production enhancement. KLI is seeking opportunities to expand its production capabilities. Although KLI is a competent company the firm needs to implement new strategies for the supply chain, sales, inventory management and new geographical allocation focal points. In this paper I will address KLI problems, ethical dilemmas, visions and discuss goals and resolutions that will encourage KLI to become more productive.
Situation Analysis
Issue and Opportunity Identification
KLI is met with the challenge of lacking appropriate inventory management skills and an efficient supply chain to deal with substantial orders. Midland Motors has ordered a large quantity of products. However, KLI is faced with the challenge of dealing with this overwhelming capacity of orders. There are several questions that KLI have to answer and provide the appropriate method for a resolution. KLI has received an order foe 250,000 ECUs and 35,000 RFID tags from Midland Motors (MM), an Original Equipment Manufacturer. A minimum quantity of both products has to be delivered every month. This is an urgent requirement and KLI will need to supply higher volumes over its regular orders. You need to decide how to meet the sudden increase in demand. Will both...

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