Leadership and Management of Osh

Leadership and Management of Osh

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Leadership and Management of Orchard Supply Hardware
Debra Doyle
University of Phoenix
MGT 330
Edward M. Vacin
December 1, 2008

Leadership and Management of Orchard Supply Hardware
What makes an individual a great leader? What makes an individual a great manager? Can a great manager also be a great leader? Management of all organizations at all levels have sought the answer to these questions to ensure personal career success, improve organizational performance and transform an average manager into a true leader (Bateman & Snell, 2009). Orchard Supply Hardware (OSH), like any other organization, takes in consideration of its management team in its organizational planning. It, like all other organizations want to ensure it has the best possible team of leaders who will guide the company to organizational goals and success by vision of future possibilities and the use of the management functions: planning, organizing, leading and control to empower others of the organization to share the same vision.
What defines leadership? One might say that leadership is the ability to influence others to obtain desired goals. However, to develop great leadership, one must go beyond the simple definition and research what a great leader does and what traits he or she possesses. Great leaders seizes the moment, changes courses of events, and pays attention to details of all the small fundamentals “that can make or mar the grandest of plans” (Bateman & Snell, 2009, p. 434). Great leaders are strategists who formulate and implement plans to obtain results and create a competitive advantage.
Great leaders are visionaries; they can see all possible future goals of an organization. They are also able to inspire others by appealing to their values and motivating them to share in the vision. Great leaders are innovators; they challenge conventional methods and beliefs and create change. Great leaders...

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