Learning English By Having Fun

Learning English By Having Fun


We all know that learning English is difficult. Because we learn about foreign language. But don’t give up too easily. There are so many ways to make it not so difficult like what we think. I got some tips to learn English by having fun.

1.By Listening Radio.
By listening radio, we not only get a lot of information but it’s also a great way to listen the correct pronounciation and intonation pattern by announcers. Listening radio can be difficult. Like I’ve told you, don’t you ever give up too easily. Keep listening regularly. Practice makes perfect !

2. By Reading Books
You can read English printed media for examples English novel, English comics,
etc. Choose the most interesting books. We can increase our vocabulary. Because if we find it difficult to translate a word, of course we will look for it from the dictionary. Finally we will understand the meaning of the word.

3. Chatting In The Internet.
If you like this one, try to find friends from another country. It’s a great way to practice your English. Automatically we will use English for our communication. Don’t worry to make mistakes. Because we learn by our mistakes.

4. Listening English Songs.
It has the same way as listening radio. But I think it’s easier than listening radio. While we can entertain ourselves, we can read the lyrics and translate them into Indonesia so we can know what they mean.

5. Take An English Course.
By taking an English course, we can learn about grammar, structure, pronunciation, etc. And after our English course teachers have given us the lesson materials such as speaking, just practice it to your parents, your brothers and sisters and your friends. Be sure that if we always practice it, we can speak English well sooner or later.

That’s all my speech. I hope you can learn English by having fun.

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