Legal Principles Issues

Legal Principles Issues

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Legal Principle Issues
Regulatory Compliance Alumina is responsible for being compliant to Clean Water Act.
Alumina violated environment discharge 5 years ago.

Defamation/ slander and libel The local news paper Erehwon published incorrect information about Alumina Inc. by legal definition is called defamation and/pr Libel and Slander.

Invasion of Privacy Alumina wanted to do a possible background check on Ms. Bates
Freedom of Information Act (FOIA) Ms .Bates requested information Alumina Inc company business information. Alumina can disclosed partial information.
Mediation Corrective measure

The purpose of this paper is to provide information to Alumina explaining how regulatory risks such as tort liability can be identified and managed through preventive, detective, and corrective measures. First, what is tort? Tort liability is an interference with someone or with someone’s property that results in injury to that person or to that person’s property (Jennings, 2006). There are many types of business torts that must be identified in order to provide the best legal consultation for this dispute between Alumina and the plaintiff, Mrs. Bates.
The simulation, Business Regulation on Alumina, was accused 5 years ago with a liability in which legal action took place. Once again, Alumina is facing current tort liability accusations that have provided potential risks to the company. In this case, the tort liabilities and regulation risks are: Defamation, Clean Water Act, and Invasion of Privacy Act. In a different case, five years ago, there was an accusation that Alumina was polluting the water supply, and currently, Mrs. Bates accused Alumina of causing her daughter to be ill with Leukemia, which was very hard for her to prove; as a result the tort of defamation was used. Defamation is known as an untrue statement made by one party to another about a third party (Jennings, 2006). To prevent this accusation from occurring in the future, the EPA...

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