Lentils can improve digestion

Lentils can improve digestion

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After lentils medicine can improve digestion, to human epigastric pain and dyspepsia and other gastrointestinal diseases have a good conditioning effect, treatment can take beans, add water fried, cooked directly after drinking once a day to .

Lentils can inhibit the virus shell
Lentils shell is a virus particularly good ability of anti-Chinese herbal medicines, it contains a large number of water-soluble active substances that enter the body later, can effectively inhibit the formation and regeneration of the virus, many viruses can effectively reduce the harm to the human body .

Black lentils Lentils is a genus of plants, often together with kidney beans and other ingredients, it is an excellent therapeutic efficacy of health-promoting ingredients.

White beans look wide, thin, relatively large seeds, fried food after more toughness.
White beans have an anti-hemagglutinin, which is a similar protein composition, it can increase the activity of lymphocytes, can improve the body immunity, cancer cells have a good preventive effect,
White beans not only has a variety of nutrients, it is excellent efficacy after one kind of Chinese herbal medicines, medicinal white beans can Spleen dehumidification, can lower blood pressure, but also cardiovascular and cerebrovascular diseases.

MTPS Lentil Peeling Machine can be used as the supporting equipment in bean processing technology or as the single equipment. 
Lentil Peeling Machine can process red bean, kidney bean, soybean, mung bean, lentil ; it is suitable for different beans peeling when changed related technical parameter.

It has the aspiration and dust removal system outside, which ensures the best sanitary conditions.
MTPS Lentil Peeling Machine connects with the efficient aspiration system, which ensures the reliable discharging of corn bran. It has the powerful cooling system and ensures the high sanitation standard.
It is easily maintained and operated.
It has quick-replaceable sieve...

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