How Smart Can Improve

How Smart Can Improve

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Areas for improvement
We suggest that SMRT look into their current Crisis Management Plan and evaluate the procedures there. We have also come up with possible improvements that they can make.

For their evacuation procedures, they should review their standard operating procedures of their crisis management plan and identify the problems and weaknesses. They should then develop a more effective evacuation plan in which passengers are able to leave the stalled trains quicker. This is so as to minimize the passengers’ distress.

As for communicating with passengers during an emergency, we suggest clearer announcements through the PA system, instructing everyone clearly about what is happening and what to do. Several languages could be used for the convenience of all passengers

The announcements could also be made faster, immediately announcing the situation to inform passengers.

Posters could be pasted inside the trains to inform commuters about emergency procedures. They could follow the example of SBS, whereby they have a set of instructions for passengers on their website.

When using social media, people expect quick updates. Hence updates on the breakdowns via twitter or websites should be instant, giving notice to the public so that they know the situation and can make decisions based on it.

In dealing with the Press, SMRT’s corporate communications department should give a statement as soon as they can and clarify any misunderstandings, best within an hour. This will greatly reduce the anxiety of the public and help to prevent their company image from getting worse.

As for the bus bridging services, SMRT is currently investigating the feasibility of free public buses along the routes where the MRT breaks down which may extend to SBS buses. This will be a good solution for any train breakdowns.

Most importantly, staff training should be emphasized by SMRT for it is imperative for the execution of a crisis management plan. Without...

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