Lesson Plan

Lesson Plan

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Teacher: Oprescu Elena
School: No. 117, Sector 6, Bucharest
Date: the 29th of October, 2013
Class: 6th
Number of students: 21
Lesson: Past Continuous Tense
Skills: speaking, reading, writing
Time: 50 min.

Lesson aims: -To enable students to read a text fluently
-To enable students to express past activities in progress
-To introduce new words related to Space

Competences: - Reading fluently
- Speaking about space
- Relating past activities

Didactic strategies: a) Methods and procedures: conversation, grammar exercises;
b) Materials: whiteboard, worksheets, textbook;
c) Organization: class work, individual work, pair work.

ACTIVITY 1. Warm up
Aims: - To create the proper atmosphere for conducting the new learning process
- To practice speaking skills
- To check homework

The teacher greeds the students, talks to them and gets them ready for the class. The teacher asks the students to read the homework, corrects and explains the mistakes.
Interraction: T-S
Timing: 10 min.

ACTIVITY 2. Presentation
Aims: - To read and interract
- To relate past activities using Past Continuous

The teacher asks the students to open their books at page 19 and reads exercise 6 (Here are three unusual things that happened in your town. Write what you or your neighbours were doing). She asks the students some questions and they have to answer.
Ex: What were you doing when the explosion took place?
I was watching TV when the explosion took place.

Interraction: T-S, S-S, S-T
Timing: 13 min.

The teacher explains the task in exercise 1 on page 20 . The students work in pairs to solve it. One student asks : “What was/were....doing last night when the lights went out?”. The other student answers: “He/She/They...

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