Lessons I'Ve Learned from Horror Movies

Lessons I'Ve Learned from Horror Movies

Lessons I've Learned from Horror Movies
I am a movie buff and love pretty much any genre. However my favorite would be horror movies. Now I admit in order to watch most of them it has to be the middle of the afternoon, all my doors and windows have to be locked, and all the lights in the house have to be on. Through this crazy ritual I have watched many scary movies and come away with a few lessons learned. Today I am going to share some of those lessons with you.
1. Unless you are a Navy Seal or Chuck Norris, DO NOT go into the dark basement with just a lighter to see what that super creepy noise was. It never has, and probably never will turn out good for you.

2. If you MUST go down the stairs at the dead of night to investigate doors banging and growling noises; at LEAST switch all the lights on first. I mean, DUH.

If however, you are so monumentally stupid that you have done the above, atleast heave something heavy against the door so that it doesn’t slam closed after you --leaving you in the pitch dark.

3. Even though we all loved the cartoon, put some serious thought into it before you split your party up into groups that resemble an episode of Scooby Doo. There is safety in numbers. Being in a larger group gives the killer more targets which ups your chances for survival.

4. Never, never, never assume that the villain/bad guy/serial killer is dead. If you have hit him with a car, then park the car on him. Shoot him. Stab him. Burn him. Bury him. Draw and quarter, and maybe report him to the IRS. He will always get up when everyone turns their back cause "it's all over now".

5. The girl that constantly screams is going to die. I understand if you get startled and you are scared, but constantly screaming gives away your position. Not to mention probably irritates the villain . Think about it, do you really want to erk off the killer more than he already is?!

6. Fear is understandable. A sociopath with a...

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