Letter from Salem Massachusets About Witch Trials

Letter from Salem Massachusets About Witch Trials

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Life in Salem is very rocky! You probably don't know what is going on down here in Salem, Massachusetts. It's my worst nightmare. At first things were very bad. As you know I am extremely religious and used to be a Reverend. But when witches and the Devil himself had invaded Salem, I was very upset and frightened! They have taken the form of many people that have committed acts against the Puritan religion. But three angels came out of this peril. Then things got much better.

You know from my previous letters that I always thought Sara Good, Sara Osbourne, and the Caribbean slave, Tituba, were witches. I consulted the pastor and minister, but neither would listen. I prayed to God that someone could help me to get rid of these three devils in Salem. Then God answered my prayers in March of 1692 when Tituba the slave bewitched three girls. They cried out the names of their tormentors and bewitcher -Sara Good, Sara Osbourne, and Tituba, just like I said!

These three people went to trial. Unfortunately, Good and Osbourne maintained their innocence. But Tituba was found guilt of witchcraft, and she said there were other witches in Salem. Since then everything has been chaotic and mad.

At first, people ignored her because she was a witch. But then, in March 1692 the girls accused Rebecca Nurse. Nobody thought she would be a witch because she was gentle, and went to church everyday, but the girls said that she was tormenting her. From April through May in 1692, they accused may more people, including John Proctor, the wealthy farmer who warned against the girls accusations. The girls even accused Dorcas Good, a four-year old, and she was forced to be chained against a jail wall for months. Nobody was safe from the girls' accusations. Still, I, former Reverend Samuel Willard, thought I was safe...

At first, the accusations were good because everyone knew that the accused really were witches. But now this was...

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