Lgst Bankruptcy 403

Lgst Bankruptcy 403

Jacqueline Williams

Course: Government 403 Section 6380

Instructor: Paula Wylie

Assignment: Essay 1

Military Leadership
I would define it as: Men/Women who are delegated by a higher authoritative figure to oversee, strategize, and implement the rules of engagement for the security and safety of its Country.
Now, some of their strategic methods and ideology may not be agreed upon by non-military persons, because they do not often times, understand the entire engagement or pressures they are faced and under during a crisis that involve other Nations and the rules they must abide by to accomplish the task at hand, especially during war.
Regular men/women who enlisted whether voluntary or involuntary, took an oath to obey and abide by the creed upon which there democracy was built upon to serve, protect and obey all rules of engagement. It is not there position to question the authority, but to obey the mission they were set out to do.
For the higher ranking officials that hold status, such as the Master Sergeant, Sargeant First class or Commanding Officer, there task or should I say position is very different then the regular enlisted personnel. Most of these high ranking officials are all overseers, who must implement the task and make sure that each personnel, under there command follow those instructions to the latter.
But, again for the ones whose ranking positions are higher than the ones listed above, such as a General, who is appointed by the President of its country, he/she positions are more difficult to say the least, especially during the time of warfare, more expectations are placed upon them to fulfill the task, which in itself is very difficult and challenging to say the least.
During March of 2003, there was debate about the position that the United States and Great Britain took in invading Iraq with the United Nations. The United States had alleged that the Iraqi government had failed to adhere to the United Nations...

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