Life After the Age of 50

Life After the Age of 50

As time flies by, I started thinking about the life of those after the age of 50. In my opinion, life in the fifties could still be enjoyable and fun. We just need to take some precaution as we grow older as we are not as physically active as before anymore.

By the age of 50, most of us will expect some addition of family members; grandchildren. Many of them wouldn’t want to be retired yet, but for those who stayed at home would rather find something to do, and so, most of the fifties will most probably have at least a grandchild. Grandparents; especially grandmothers, would love to play with kids. They could spend their time taking care of their grandchildren during their free time.

Basically, life after 50 years old meant that you have to control your diet. Everything that contains high level cholesterol, sugar, salt, and fat must be controlled. This is obviously because of the medical conditions like hypertension, and diseases like diabetes mellitus, hypercholesterolemia and myocardial infarction (which are commonly known as heart attack). They are more prone to sickness as their immune systems are weaker than before. Moreover, as time goes by, the metabolism rate reduces, and therefore results in weight gain.

Growing old also means that you have some changes in attitude. Grandfathers are probably quieter, while grandmothers tend to be the exact opposite; more talkative and superstitious. This sometimes results in some nagging and lectures by them.

Even though the fifties face problems on the above, they could also life their life as happily as others. Some of them choose to kill time by doing some part-time job like teaching or doing charity work. Others, like my mother, who loves flowers, could also do some gardening.

Other than that, they could also spend time with old friends. Activities like playing chess, reading and handicraft could not only help strengthen the relationship between friends and family, but also learn new things as well....

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