Linux and Windows

Linux and Windows

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Linux and Windows
1. Introduction

The battle between Linux and Windows continues. Windows still seems to be the better choice for the average user, while Linux is preferred more by the most experienced and technical user. Linux seems to be making strides into becoming a standard part of the computing landscape. Windows offers a single interface while Linux offers the freedom to choose from many commercially available or free GUI X- Window interfaces. These are just a few simple factors users need to consider, however, larger corporations will need to consider more complex factors such as cost, market share, hardware requirements, file processing, programming capabilities, availability of application software and user interface.

2. Cost

Hardware Cost

Hardware costs are similar in both Linux and Windows systems. It is up to the individual as to what hardware types they will use. Linux generally requires less system resources and can run faster on older equipment when compared to Windows operating systems. Other UNIX operating systems are free of charge and open source. Open source code can be modified to meet the user’s needs and customize their operating system using their own version.

Hardware products like SUN Systems are heavily priced and most of the cost comes from purchasing the hardware. Solaris is the only operating system that can be loaded on a SUN System. Most SUN hardware is used for servers or, less frequently, for high end workstations.


There are also costs associated with training in both Windows systems and Linux systems. The following chart shows the average cost for training on the various systems identified. The training expenses are relatively the same on both types of systems and the various flavors of Linux. While the Solaris Systems training costs much less, the travel expenses would increase the cost to make it the most expensive option we found.

Class Type Duration Cost
Red Hat Linux...

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