Lost in L.a

Lost in L.a

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It was Friday afternoon and all I could think about is homecoming and reuniting with my friends. It had been two months since I last saw my best friend, Julie. We now live in Fontana and started a new a high school and quiet frankly I missing my friends and my old school. Ingrid said, “Daisy! What shirt do you think looks better the blue or the black one? “Um I don’t know try the blue one” Ingrid placed the shirt across her chest and stroke a pose “Oh no…no definitely try the black one” I replied. “Daisy and Ingrid come here” Ingrid and I rushed to my mom’s room laughing and giggling. “Daisy here’s my cell phone; make sure you call your father when you guys are ready to come home. Do not go anywhere else, once the school dance is over call Benjamin. He will be working at our old house so you wait until he is done. My Mother said, “Daisy, please makes sure to take care of Ingrid!” “Yes mother” I replied annoyingly.

Ingrid is only a year younger than me, it’s not that she can’t take care of her own self it’s that Ingrid has a very bad sense of direction and gets lots easily. “I call shot gun” yelled Ingrid. I sat in the back and put my make up.

An hour later we arrived to Bell High School. Mother said to Me and Ingrid, “Make sure you guys call” then we both jumped out of the car. We entered the football field through the main gates and paid for our entrance and found a good spot for to sit on bleachers. “Julie! Juuliie!!! Ingrid and I yelled at the top of our lungs waving and jumping around so she would not miss us. Julie said,“AHHH!!! Oh my god you guys made it”. We all sat next to each other watching the football game.

Four hours later the game ended in shame because our team lost and the crowed headed to the quad for the homecoming dance. The music played deafeningly of the speakers and the crowed began to dance at the beat of the music. I was having a good time with Julie dancing and laughing. I was talking to all my...

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