Lotf Questions

Lotf Questions

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Chapter Eight- " Gift for the Darkness"

1. The thing that usurps Ralph's position is that Ralph criticizes and is rude about Jack's hunters.
2. The significance of "The Chief has Spoken" is that now Jack's hunters are calling him chief, while Ralph is also the chief. Some of the biguns think of Jack as a stronger leader within the society.
5. The Lord of the Flies first speaks, and when he does so, Simon thinks it is all in his head.
a. The significance of this is that Simon says he does not believe in the beast, only that the beast is somehow in every single person. However, he beings to believe in the beast as he starts hearing sounds.
7. The Lord of the Flies says, "You are a silly little boy" (Golding 157) to Simon.
a. The two important things the sow tells Simon is that all the other think that he is "batty" (Golding 157), and that Simon knew the sow that evil was apart of him, and the reason things are the way they are, are caused by the lord of the flies. Also it tells Simon that he is not wanted and that they're going to have fun on the island.
b. The sow, the beast, symbolizes destruction and evil on the island. He tells Simon that they’re going to have fun on the island, meaning that Simon will die, but he will not kill him, only others will.

Chapter 9- "A View to a Death"

1. The thunderstorm is an important factor for this chapter because it represents the fear and trouble’s heading for the future. It sets the fearful and uncomfortable mood for the chapter.
2. The message Simon tries to deliver to the boys is that he discovers the parachutist (pilot).
3. In the end of the chapter, the parachutist's body goes into the sea.
a. Golding does this to make it a parallel death to the person who finds the body originally, which was Simon.
4. The reason Ralph gives for the boys going to the feast was that they only went for the "meat, and for hunting, and for pretending to be a tribe, and putting on war-paint." (Golding...

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