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ENG 101

March 26, 2013

Have you ever used the word love? Love is a very powerful word. When you are in love
you feel that you can sacrifice everything, when you are in love days are incomplete when you
do not see each other, when you are in love days you feel special with their simplest gesture, and
when you are in love you dedicate your unconditional affection with no limits or conditions.
When you are in love you want nothing but the best for them no matter what it takes and when
you are in love you have nothing to hide.
Love is communication. Communication is one of the most important aspects of a
relationship. There was a time that we both felt that we were not communicating to each other
like we used to. Message was not going through one another anymore. This was the
darkest days of our marriage. Love took over and showed us both that communication without
boundaries must be practice. Things that need to be said must be said and never go to bed or
hang up the phone without a solution. Now we talked about everything from funny, sad, future,
pass experience, I mean everything. Being able to communicate your problems or solutions with
each other does not happen in one day. We learned that communication problems took place in a
daily basis and we corrected that. Holding nothing back is the first step in the correct path to a
loving relationship. Few of our close friends’ years of marriage have ended simply because they
could not openly communicate and share their feelings. Communication is one of the most
important aspects of a relationship in which I stated in the beginning.
Love is sharing. Taking that bow and focus on sharing one dream and to sharing
responsibilities to accomplish that dream. To share one's life, one credit card, share decision
making, share feeling, sharing one household, to share is love. Allowing my spouse to
collaborate on all the decision making for our family, is one...

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