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Love essay

What is love? I think most so us can agree that when we think of love we think of a mother and her child or a couple who is married. But if you go deeper if you go in below the surface you find that love is much more.

Love the definition for love is deep affection towards someone but does it have to be towards someone or can it be towards things as well. Many people would say you can love something like you can love someone but I would disagree. I like to think that love can be directed towards everyone and everything.

The hard thing about love is how to love its understanding what it is. This where I think most teens get confused. I think most teens get so in love with the idea of love that they don't really care who they go out with or date just as long as they can say their in love. When really they are just setting themselves up for heart break.

Teens in my opinion shouldn't date until they're at least in high school that way they can at least try to under love because not understanding it can lead to some bad things like STD's and nobody wants to have aids because they think love has to be sexual. When really love can be expressed in many other ways like hugs or holding hands. These are great ways to express affection without doing something stupid.

Love very to define in words because as I said before they define it as affection towards someone. When it doesn't have to be towards someone it can be towards everyone and everything. It can be express to your dog, your cat, your stupid spring break homework. Love can be us everywhere.

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