Maestro Relationships

Maestro Relationships

How has your understanding of maestro and one related text of your own choosing been shaped by the link between individuals and a sense of place.
Maestro (sense of place)
- “The garden was savage and wet and green growing dense with trees and shrubbery at the back”
This quotes Portrays Paul’s amazement to their near alien environment. This quote almost has a poetic rhythm alive to the use of monosyllabic language. The overuse of the conjunction “and”

- “Exotic hot house bloom”
This quote subliminally illustrates and allows audience to visualize, Paul’s sense of relation between his new environment and his sexual desires

- “Vast distant cubes of water falling slowly, ponderously out of the sky”
This quote uses metaphor to show specific detail to allow audience to visualize. The use of the word ponderously is describing the rain as it was human – like and deliberately moving it to the ground

- “Greenness and unnatural greenness”
This quote uses repetition. This engages the senses of the reader by allowing them to visualize the embellished shades of green within the jungle.

- “An unnatural greenness, as if the leavers were a kind of plastic.”
This quote uses simile to illustrate the greenness of Darwin as if it is fake and cartoon like

- “A temperate city of grandparents and churches.”
This quote uses metaphor and hyperbole. (Exaggeration)

- “Rotary clothes hoists and rose beds and apricot tree’s and cream-brick dream houses.”
Listing images boring

Maestro (Link between individuals)

- “our clasped hands swung up awkwardly between us, a straining hawser”
This quote illustrating Keller and Paul holding hands show the relationship between them. A Hawser is a strong rope used to tie boats. This image shows the strength of the relationship between them.

- “They might have belonged to different species…. Music was glue that holds them together.”
This quote uses simile to show the difference between his parents. Music was glue that...

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