Maid Marian of Sherwood Forest

Maid Marian of Sherwood Forest

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Maid Marian of Sherwood Forest
Why, she is called Maid Marion, honest friend,
Because she lives a spotless maiden life;
And shall, till Robin’t outlaw life have end,
That he may lawfully take her to wife;
Which, if King Richard come, will not be long.
Anthony Munday: The Downfall of Robert
Earl of Huntingdon(1601)
而且將,直到 Robin't 惡棍生活有結束,
安東尼 Munday: 羅勃特的衰敗
Huntingdon 的伯爵(1601)
Gamwell Hall, seat of Robin Hood’s uncle Sir William Gamwell, was not far from Nottingham, and thither Sir Guy of Gisborne rode one day attended only by his squire.
Sir William welcomed Sir Guy, and after feasting him well, suggested that he should come with him next day to the great Gamwell festival held not far away in the forest.
Gamwell 門廳,羅賓頭巾威廉 Gamwell 先生叔叔的座位,離諾丁漢不很遠,和對岸吉斯本的人先生騎只被他的鄉紳參加的一天。
威廉先生歡迎了人先生,而且在非常款宴他之後,建議,他應該對很棒的 Gamwell 節日隔天和他來在森林中的不遠處拿著。

Hoping to find out where Robin Hood was, Sir Guy agreed readily to this. But of course he said no word of his real reasons either to Sir William or to young Will Gamwell who rode with him.
希望發現羅賓頭巾是在哪裡,人先生馬上同意這。 但是當然他沒有說他的真正理由的字也對威廉先生或者到年輕的將和他騎的 Gamwell。

It was a merry scene in the green glade of the forest: young men and grils dancing round the Maypole, barrels of ale broached for Sir William’s tenants, and many a game or contest for young and old alike.
它是血氣方剛快樂的現場森林的林間空地:五月柱附近的年輕男人和 grils 舞蹈,為威廉先生的租地人、和許多一場比賽或競賽被提出的麥酒的桶為年輕又舊的一樣。

Sir Guy sat quietly under a tree with old Sir William watching it all, and only once did he lean forward suddenly with an angry glint in his eyes, and that was when young Will Gamwell led out one of the maidens to dance whom he recognized suddenly as the Lady Marian Fitzwalter disguised as a peasant girl.
人先生安靜地在一棵樹之下,和看它全部的老威廉先生坐,和只有曾經他突然,以他的眼睛的生氣閃爍向前倚靠,和那是何時年輕的意志 Gamwell 引導外面的未婚女子之一跳舞誰他突然辨認出當淑女聖母瑪利亞崇拜者 Fitzwalter 偽裝當做一個農夫女孩。
‘What maiden is she...

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