Main Causes of Religious Extremism

Main Causes of Religious Extremism

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in Bangladesh
A research on

Main Causes of Religious Extremism in Bangladesh


I have completed my English 105 research paper on the main causes of religious extremism in Bangladesh. I would like to take this opportunity to thank my course instructor, Nasrin Pervin mam, because I would not have been able to complete this work without her support, kindness, guidance and help. I would also like to express my gratefulness to all those students of North South University who were kind enough to fill up my questionnaires used for primary research, and my family and friends who have helped me complete this research.

In my research paper titled “Main Causes of Religious Extremism in Bangladesh”, I tried to find out the main factors that might be responsible for any existing religious extremism in our country. Primarily I took into account four major factors that I thought might be responsible; those being: Illiteracy, poverty, fundamentalism and resentment towards other religions. I used both primary and secondary methods to carry out my research. After completing my research I found out that illiteracy is the main reason for religious extremism in Bangladesh. Besides this, I tried to focus on some other issues that are related to my research topic. Those were: how severe the problem of religious extremism is in Bangladesh, the political parties’ relatedness in promoting extremism and whether there is a tendency of foreign organizations to exaggerate the actual situation of the country to international media. I found significant extent of contradictions between the data provided by the internet articles and other media and that provided by the general people. The media stated that Bangladesh is severely vulnerable to religious extremists and drastic measures are necessary to improve the condition. But according to the general people’s opinion Bangladesh’s current situation is...

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