Terrorism or Religious Extremism

Terrorism or Religious Extremism

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Ursala Khan,
Lahore Grammar School,

“Terrorism or Religious Extremism, What’s the Difference?”

Hungary Remains strongly committed to multi-lateral institutions namely the United Nations and believes that global problems require indeed global and concerted solutions. In case of terrorism which is one of the most prominent issues threatening world peace in the twenty-first century, Hungary supports the war against terror. We live in a world of great opportunities serious challenges. To this effect we must utilize the potentials of the United Nations effectively and unanimously deal with the crisis facing the world. International terrorism, proliferation of weapons of mass destruction, graved armed internal conflicts, poverty etc constitute enormous challenges to all us.

We will spare no effort to take an active part in maintaining peace and security, enhancing the non-proliferation regimes and promoting human rights as well as establishing international standards. The global fight against terrorism must remain a major priority of the United Nations. In this Context, we support the full and effective implementation of the relevant Security Council resolutions. Hungary is keenly interested in widening the scope of multi-lateral instruments in the fight against terrorism.

We follow closely the development regarding the United Nations assuming an ever-increasing role in Iraq. The United Nations should take its share in both restoring the sovereignty of Iraq and in the reconstruction process. Our priority must be stabilization of the security situation in Iraq and the normalization of day-to-day life.

Hungary is deeply concerned by the grave and deteriorating situation in the Middle East. We believe that the implementation of the Road Map is only the framework to reach a political settlement. An effective and credible monitoring, mechanism is of critical importance to this effect. The Quartet should carry on with its mission in the...

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