Major Accidents in Oil and Gas

Major Accidents in Oil and Gas


We would like to express our gratitude to our Health, Safety and Environment lecturer, Assoc Prof Dr Mohd Azmuddin bin Abdullah for allowing us to learn more about safety in the workplace environment. All the thing that we have been lectured on will be a valuable asset for our own safety in the future while working in our own respective workplace. All the tips and advices given by him will be used to its full extent to make our project as perfect as possible.
We also want to thanks our other lecturers that will be replacing Assoc Prof Dr Mohd Azmuddin bin Addullah in the future within the period of this semester to teach us more about Health, Safety and Environment. We also would appreciate their help in the future for they may give their help to us for this research. Since there will be a quite number of lecturer that will be teaching us regarding the subject, we would like to express our early gratitude to those that will be taking care of us in the future.
Not to forget appreciation for our team member which consist of Tan Ming Ee, Yew Jia Ming, Shehab, Ilaman and Nizar. Thanks to the great teamwork provided by our member, the project runs along very smoothly that it gives us a pleasant experience of working in a team. The smoothness of the project are also due to their interest in learning more about Health, Safety and Environment, the gained knowledge through their research from the internet, article and journal make the content of our project much more informative.
Lastly, we are not forgetting our own campus Universiti Teknologi Petronas which also play an important roles in this subject, thanks to the management of the university the students here are allowed to take this course to learn about health and safety which will surely be useful in the present and the future.


Major accidents in oil and gas, petrochemicals and pharmaceutical plants have occurred countless time during the period where fossil fuel replacing...

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