Make Chinese Education Stand out In The World

Make Chinese Education Stand out In The World

2016 年春季学期
课程名称: 英语国家社会与文化 课程号: 适用专业: 英语


Thank you for the time and efforts you have paid to course of The Society and Culture of English Speaking Countries. Your participation in every week’s class has been great contribution to this course and encouragement to me. To wrap up this course, I want you to write a paper on the topic: Compared with British and American education, what China can do to improve college education.
1. You are expected to write a paper of approximately 2,000 words, and:
●Point out your view of how to improve Chinese education.
●Talk about the purpose of college education in your eye. Use facts or examples you know to support what the UK and USA do to serve the purpose of higher education.
● Use comparison and contrast to discuss the differences between Chinese higher education and the other two countries.
● Give your suggestions or measures to make Chinese higher education stand out in the world.
● Summarize what you have discussed and conclude what China must do to fulfill the aim of college education .
2. Use Times New Roman font. (小四号字体,1.5倍行距)
4. Turn in by June 28, 2016.

Final grade is made up of:
●30% of class attendance and GRADEs of 5 writing assignments: 1) 2) 3) 4) 5)
●20% of Mid-term exam
●50% of final term paper


In this essay, I talk about the current situation of Chinese education, the difference between Chinese education and American or British ones. I first introduce the topic by example, and then discuss the flaws and methods of reforming Chinese education mainly by utilizing contrasting, comparing, exemplification and cause and effect. Next, I introduce the purpose of education by quoting and explanation. Then, I elaborate education differences in features by contrasts and...

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