Management Behavior Memo: Opportunities in the Company

Management Behavior Memo: Opportunities in the Company

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Marc VanHousen

Management Behavior Memo

University of Phoenix

November 10, 2008
Memo to: First Level Sales Managers
From: Marc VanHousen, Sales Manager

As you all are aware there are a lot of opportunities and changes that Interclean will be taking advantage and going through over the next three to six months. The changes are clearly beneficial for the company and our employees. The merger with Envirotech is sure to cause some commotion especially with the sales team. Current employees will not be looking at this merger as an opportunity for advancement but rather as a threat. As sales managers and team leaders it is our responsibility to ensure our individual teams that this is a benefit. Since all the changes have been announced employee morale is at an all time low in the company and it is our responsibility to ensure them and lift morale.
There are several dos and don’ts that need to implemented to help us with the morale of employees and to ensure the success of our teams and company. As a sales manager and sales leader is very important for you to stay and display a positive behavior throughout the upcoming changes. I expect everyone on my team to remain supportive to the companies and employees needs. Our loyalty and first concern must always be the company but we also need to support our employee’s needs and concerns. We will also continue to recognize and praise our teams on a daily basis. As discussed before on several occasions we for every one negative I want you to reinforce with three positives especially right now while morale is at its lowest. Communication is a must not only will we be communicating on a daily basis about the merger and the new media blitz but I want you to keep your employees informed about what is going regarding these changes. A lot of information that may be passed down will be confidential and is sensitive material that should not be passed on to your team members. I trust we all know the...

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