Management of Change

Management of Change

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This document is composed in the format of an essay for the subject Management of Change.
In this essay the learner is required to discuss a phrase that was written by Giddens and Hutton in 2001 in the book "Global Capitalism". The discussion involves three questions that circulate around the phrase, the learner is required to answer each of these questions to pursue the completion of this assignment using academic references to underpin the written text.
The learner will start off with either agreeing or disagreeing with the phrase, followed by how "managers" should handle such situations and lastly the learner shall hypothesize and identify a potential problem that the company may encounter with an appropriate solution at hand.

All sources will be acknowledged in the bibliography section which will be included as the last piece of this essay.

There is no nook or cranny of any organisation today where change, or the potential for change, is not happening, with all the knock on consequences for these organisations and the people who work in them. (Giddens and Hutton 2001)

Giddens and Hutton discuss the globalisation of capitalism and how it has created a new world, implying that this does not only bring benefits but also exposes corporations to a certain degree of danger these need to be counteracted trough adaption which signify "change". Not only does counteraction of the threats lead to sustaining the company but grasping opportunities that lead to beneficiaries that support the company in the long-term may also require "change". Among the diverse types of changes that can occur the ones that are the result of external factors/forces are the most intimidating as in most cases these are unforeseen and put the company in a position it has to either amend or undergo losses. Changes take different forms, it could be a developmental change, an attempt to improve a facet within the company or transitional change that centralises around implementing...

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