Management of Tbis Professional Services

Management of Tbis Professional Services

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Recommendations for Current Issue within TBIS

1. Introduction – TBIS

TBIS is currently undergoing restructuring. Therefore it is essential that the company tackle some of its existing problems when reorganising its human resource. In the competitive development of the business world, it is very important to have a solid grasp of what goes on within the working environment of TBIS. To do this then, the CEO must be aware of the policies and ethics that the company runs by. This report will deal with many at risk factors for a company that has yet to establish a very clear ethical outlook and professional standard of service.

Firstly the report will examine the problems both internal and external that TBIS currently has. Secondly the report will isolate these problems to be solved. Then the report will present possible resolutions to these problems, and finally give recommendations as to the strategies that can be taken.

2. Definitions

2.1 Values
Values have been defined as “general standards by which we formulate attitudes and beliefs according to which we behave.” Basic and Core values are Objectivity, Strong Personal involvement, Innovation, Integrity, and Professional Service. (Akers & Giacomino 2000) Terminal values are Happiness, Self Respect, Sense of Accomplishment, while instrumental values were Honesty, Responsibility, and Broadminded. (Akers & Giacomino 2000)

2.2 Culture
The culture of a company is the work environment produced through social networking, code and ethics, as well as leadership and goals. (Schoenberger 1997) This means that working with culture is working with internal environments of a company.

2.3 Responsibilities and Good Practice
Advocate responsibility for short term and long-term consequences for our own communications and expect the same of others. (Andersen 2000) What the report aims for is to build values that become internal to the company itself by...

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