management proposal

management proposal

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 MGMT 591: Leadership and Organizational Behavior
Project Proposal

Overview of Organization
The organization I chose to be the topic of my final course project is Alorica. Alorica is a telecommunications company that focusing on managing solutions like customer care, technical support, sales, collections, media services for several Fortune 1000 companies such as AT&T, Verizon, Aon, Benefeds, Direct TV and so on. Although Alorica has many locations that expand across the United States the branch I will focus on is the Kennesaw, GA location.

CEO Mark Wilson, who had the company under Ryla, originally owned Kennesaw Alorica. In 2003, Mark partnered with Frontier Capital for $6.5 million growth equity investment towards the company, and by 2006 Ryla had grown to a $15 million company employing over 400 employees. In 2010, Frontier Capital sold the company to Alorica bringing major changes to the business. The current employees could still be employed after the company transition but the company gradually started to increase in turnover and the company morale began to decrease.

Some of the changes that occurred doing the switch was decrease in starting wages lost of incentives, limited benefits and repositioned advancement opportunities. Under Ryla the starting pay was $12 per hour for employees with raises every six months after reviews. Employees had opportunities to advance such as becoming a trainer, which would consist of training each employee for procedures and practices of job position depending on which company they were hired for. Training Assistant whose primary job is to assist the trainer. On floor trainer, who assisted with helping the employee on the production floor before they went out into production by themselves. The supervisor position, oversees a team that was assigned to them. Their main duty is to make sure everyone meets the goals as a team, so the company meets the goals as a whole. Another part of their job is to assist with...

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