Manager's Behavior Memo

Manager's Behavior Memo

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To: Management
Date: Monday, October 06, 2008
Re: Management Behavior – Effective Immediately

There are many factors which affect the productivity like materials quality, people skill, system and procedures, equipment and tool type, knowledge of worker, management skill, but the most important factor is attitude of a superior. Appropriate leadership helps create a satisfying work environment conducive to high productivity.
Unmanaged or destructive behavior of a manager can turn the best job into a miserable one.
Subordinates not only loose their productivity and creativity, sometime loose their workplace engagement as well.

The successful management of this process is ultimately the key to survival of any organization. It should be the concern of and a development goal for all organizational members, irrespective of their position.
In order to maximize manager’s effectiveness and improve employee’s performances, please adhere to the following guidelines.

Manager’s Impact on Employee’s Productivity:

• Managers must be concerned with retention.
o By means of retention a manager is to reward employees for performing their jobs effectively and to ensure harmonious working relations between employees and manager.
• Managers must treat employees in a responsible adult manner to expect an employee to act in a responsible adult manner.
• Managers should display positive two way communication techniques. Some of these techniques are goal setting, progress review, or performance review session. During these communication settings the employee should do most of the talking and the manager should ask questions and do a lot of listening.
o Reviews should be a discussion between two individuals and no new concepts should come up.

Furthermore, the performance management should be...

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