Managing Innovation

Managing Innovation

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Technological, Market and
Organizational Change
Third Edition

Joe Tidd
Science and Technology Policy Research (SPRU), University of Sussex

John Bessant
School of Management, Cranfield University

Keith Pavitt

Reviews for the third edition
‘A limpid and very useful account of what we know about the management of innovation. Must read for executives, scholars and students.’
Yves Doz, Timken Chaired Professor of Global Technology and Innovation,

Reviews for the second edition
‘This is an extraordinary synthesis of the most important things that are understood
about innovation, written by some of the world’s foremost scholars in this field.’
Clayton M. Christensen, Professor of Business Administration,
Harvard Business School.

‘The capacity to innovate is a key source of competitive advantage; but the management of innovation is risky. The authors provide a clear, systematic and integrated
framework which will guide students and practising managers alike through a complex
field. Updated to address key contemporary themes in knowledge management,
networks and new technology, and with an exemplary combination of research and
practitioner material, this is probably the most comprehensive guide to innovation
management currently available.’
Rob Goffee, Professor of Organizational Behaviour, London Business School.

‘In a highly readable yet challenging text, Tidd, Bessant and Pavitt are true to their subtitle, since they do indeed achieve a rare analytical integration of technological, market
and organizational change. Alive to the vital importance of context, they nonetheless
reveal generic aspects to the process of innovation. Read this book and you will understand more, and with a little luck, an encounter with a rich example will resonate with
experience, hopes and fears and provide a useful guide to action.’
Sandra Dawson, KPMG Professor of Management Studies and Director,

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