Managing People

Managing People

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I am writing to inform you about our organisation structure. I will call our organisation as Organisation ABC.

Organisation ABC is a Software House. The organisation provides services ranging from Dynamic Web to Desktop Applications and from Databases to Technology Consultancy. It also provides advisory for individuals, business and corporations and trading systems and software for the financial industry.

Organisation ABC has over 50 employees. Since the organisation ABC deals in Softwares, most of the employees have a computer science background. There are six managers in this organisation. The following chart shows the hierarchy of the organisation:

The above chart shows the organisation’s structure. Our organisation structure resembles to the Functional Structure (Murray, 2009). The roles of the CEO, CTO,
Managers and team leads have been discussed below:

• Chief Executive Officer (CEO): Our CEO sets the direction and looks on the overall operations of the organisation. All the other managers report to him.
• Chief Technical Officer (CTO): The role of our CTO is to look at the technical issues within the organisation, deal with the clients and gather requirements from the clients. Our CTO also looks into the capital budgeting.
• Project Manager (PM): Project Manager’s role is to focus on team management, allocate the work, deal with the client and gather requirements from them.
• Team Lead Front End Department: The role of Front End Team Lead is to distribute the work to his junior which has been allocated to him by the Project Manager. Along with that he has to deal with the clients and do the planning and scheduling of the future tasks which are related to Front End.
• Team Lead Back End Department: The job of the Back End Team Lead is to allocate and distribute the work to his junior workers. In addition to that he also has to manage the databases and other networking issues....

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