Managing resources

Managing resources

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In this unit I will be producing a portfolio of work investigating the way in which a business manages its resources to plan, manage and improve the efficiency of its production. This will require me to do research.
In the 1930's, John Gregg started delivering eggs and yeast on his pushbike to families in Newcastle upon Tyne and Greggs the bakers was born
John Gregg opened a small bakery on Gosforth High Street in 1951. With a single shop and bakery at the rear, Greggs began to bake superb quality bread, using flour milled from specially selected wheat for that distinctive Greggs taste and texture.
Today, Greggs has nearly 1,600 shops and plan to open 600 new shops over the next few years.

They are various factors that have influenced where Greggs locate their operations.
Starting with the resource factors:
1. Energy- Energy can be a major cost for businesses like Greggs as they would have a lot of machinery and electronics to make the products they sell. Greggs take part in bakery which would need a high amount of electricity to be able to run the ovens that bake all the hot foods such as:
• Pretzel’s
• Baguettes
• Cakes
• Pasties
• Various Types of rolls (sausage rolls etc.)

Greggs is a bigger user of electricity than gas but in the past years gas has risen in a similar amount. In 2005 Greggs said it was seeking to lessen the impact of the sales slowdown and higher energy prices by cutting costs across the group and finding more cost-effective ways of lifting sales.
This shows how Greggs have been able to find new strategies on how to still make profit with the increasing energy cost

2. Skilled and unskilled labour
In order for a business to run smoothly or successfully employees with certain skills are quite vital and the structure of the staff in a company is key for their competitiveness
In a company like Greggs there would be a large number of skilled...

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