Marketing in Practice

Marketing in Practice

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Marketing in practice
The sports clothing and footwear market has grown significantly over the recent years, with a high increase in products being worn beyond the traditional sporting environment. This increase in popularity is due to the fact that sports companies such as Adidas have become more marketing orientated in terms of how the company meets the needs and want of their consumers, by providing a selection of product that meets the needs and expectation of consumers and also by covering styles and price.
Adidas is one of the second leading global producer of sports footwear, equipment, and leisure wear and is widely recognized by its trefoil logo, launched in 1972.The company was founded in 1949 by its founder called Adolf Dassler who named the company after himself since then the company has had a positive success in the sports industry through providing quality and fashionable products to meet the needs of their customers.

Here is an example of the companies brand value:

Adidas Brand Value
• Consumer focused at all times

• Innovation and design leaders in product production

• Socially and environmentally responsible global organisation

• Committed to continuously strengthening their brand

• Dedicated to consistently delivering outstanding financial results

Adidas meeting customers needs:

Adidas has recognised that the world is made of different people and these individuals might have different needs and expectation within the market. As a result to that the company provides a wide range of products to meet the needs of athletes and sports orientated consumers, this is done through the companies 3 way approach to the market which consists in providing products that will suit the needs of their consumers. Such as:
Adidas Sport Performance: The Adidas sport performance brand is focused on providing products that will meet the needs of athlete’s performance in every sport category such as running, football,...

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