60% male,
Younger, larger, higher income families
US  their main focus
U.S. specialty products make up 45% of sales
U.S. products and Canada makes up 40% of sales
15% of sales
die-hard grillers prefer charcoal over gas for hands-on feel and flavour
“Grilling is the essential American culinary art”
Others who are more concerned with convenience, control over temperature and ease opt for gas
Regular exclusive (30% Kingsford and 28% market): grill exclusively with regular charcoal
Instant exclusive (10% Kingsford and 11% market): grill exclusively with instant charcoal
Instant acceptors (60% Kingsford and 62% market): users comfortable and committed to both types

Seasonal  peak season from May-August
This time includes special occasions, particularly the 4th of July, Memorial Day and Labour Day occur. This time makes up 46% of consumption

great flavour (superior to gas barbecue)
Blind test performed  across all meat types, 2-to-1 participants preferred the taste of charcoal-grilled food to gas.
“real barbecue flavour”, “smoky flavour”, “tastes like it was grilled over a real wood fire”
Mass Marketing
Not specifically targeting a certain demographic or type of consumer
Use a seasonal marketing approach
Also target seasonally  May to September
“…let the weather do the work”
Impulse buyers
Their key is display
“Pile it high and watch it fly.  … Our job is to make the charcoal visible and let the weather do the work” (pg. 4).
Higher quality than other charcoal competitors
“lights faster, burns longer”, “lights twice as fast as other coals”
Slightly higher price than competitors

Higher quality in lab tests AND among consumer perception, customer taste experience
Good relationships with retailers (pg. 7)
“consumers who buy Kingsford charcoal tend to spend 30% more during their...

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