Marketing Structure

Marketing Structure

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Defined as a simplification of Maslow’s hierarchy of needs. This theory has three levels; existence, relatedness, and growth. This is a simplification which makes this psychological theory applicable to the business world. The achievement of these needs make for a satisfied worker. A warehouse worker first want to feel safe and physically comfortable at work (existence), then would like to get along with their fellow employees (relatedness), and finally, would like to know that they are not in a dead end job. If it is 120 degrees in the warehouse, their first need is not met, and therefore no progress will be made. In a comfortable warehouse full of jerks, the worker will still have a ceiling of satisfaction. Finally, even the best environment combined with a dead-end job will make for an unhappy worker.

8. FDA
Food and Drug administration, a government agency which approves the safety of food products and drugs as safe for human use. An example of their legislation is the approval of the abortion pill. Although some may believe it is immoral, the FDA still approved it. This is because they felt it was safe for consumption, which is the ethical decision. The FDA is not influenced by moral issues.

General Agreement on Tariff & Trade, which basically mapped out international trade regulation. The main function is to protect the “little guy” from unfair trade practices. For example, the United States cannot hamper the chances of a third world county in the global economy, by imposing unfair tariffs, etc. This is an attempt to bride the gap between wealthy and poor nations, which evidently hasn’t accomplished much.

10. HMO
Stands for health maintenance organization. I couldn’t find much in the text about this one, although I know that it is the same as health insurers. Their major downfall, it seems, is that they have lost a “human touch”, which is at the root of the medical profession (Hippocratic Oath). For example, possibly an extreme...

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