Marriage Law

Marriage Law

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The law-making process is too unwieldy to respond quickly enough to the changing views of society and advances in technology.

Analyse this statement using examples from Block 7 to illustrate your answer.

In this essay it will briefly explain the law making process and then set to describe the advances of the law with respect to changing views of the family. Marriage was formerly the only way the law could understand the family because there is no definition of the family within law. This will lead to the controversial issues raised by the public on this area. Rapid scientific advances in society have caused people to question wether the law makers can keep up with technology this essay will attempt to explain the law in Human fertilisation and what problems and solution Parliament came up with solving these issues.

In the primary stages of legislation, civil servants with the help of Government ministers draw up a Bill. Before a Bill can go through stages in Parliament it has to be drafted by lawyers known as Parliamentary draftsmen (who are civil servants) they make sure there are no loopholes within a Bill. Once drafted a Bill must be given three readings in both the House of Commons and the House of Lords before it can be presented for royal assent. This can be somewhat time consuming due to the debates incurred in each reading. It might be highlighted that Parliament might not have time to scrutinize each bill affectively if new bills are being introduced everyday to keep up with the pace of society. On the other hand Bills must pass through this system so that there is democracy within the UK.

Parliament also delegates its law making power to other persons or bodies through a process called delegated legislation. In most cases an enabling act is given to the required authority as a guideline or parameter to which that person or body can enforce the law. There are many different types of delegated legislation an none more common than Statutory...

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