Martin Luther and the Reformation Movement

Martin Luther and the Reformation Movement


Martin Luther was a great theologian whose teachings influenced the protestant teachings and tradition and inspired the reformation movement (“Martin Luther”); also his translation of the Bible into German language really helped the people of Germany to know the meaning of salvation is thru faith not by works. This research therefore aims to discuss his life and the reformation movement.

Martin Luther was born to Hans and Margaretha Luther on November 10, 1483 in Eisleben, Germany. He was born to a poor family, but they owned a small copper mine (“Martin Luther”).

Young Martin Luther at a very young age of seven studied at Mansfeld, Magdeburg, and Eisenach to get his primary and secondary education. At the age of seventeen he studied in the University of Erfurt which after a year he received a bachelor’s degree. Martin continued to study, and after three years he received a master’s


degree. Hans Luther, his father, wanted Martin to become a lawyer
following his father’s order he enrolled into a law school (“Martin Luther”) .
One day while Martin was walking home to school, he caught up with a thunderstorm, and Martin was nearly struck by a lightning and fell into the ground. On the ground Martin Luther prayed to St. Anne that if he was spared he will become a monk. Martin Luther was spared for his life, but regretting his words dropped out of law school and joined a monastery in Erfurt. His father was angry at Martin and did not come at the ceremony of Martin becoming a monk. (Martin Luther, 83)

After Martin Luther become a monk, he dedicated himself to the Lord and tried to pray long hours and fasting (“Martin Luther”). And if he sinned he will locked himself up and hate himself for being a sinner (Martin Luther, 85). And Johann Von Staupitz, his superior, noticed that, He talked to Martin about that habit he is doing and advised Martin to become a priest so he can study more about the...

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