Mastering a Skill: Body Language

Mastering a Skill: Body Language

• Which speech did you watch? Dr.Martin Luther King JR., What kind of body language did the speaker use to make the speech persuasive? Provide an example. Eye contact and his urgent tone, just looking at all the audience to the left and right of him.

• Would a written version of the message be less persuasive? Why or why not? Yes, because the tone and his facial expressions say it all and if it is just on some piece of paper I feel it want get across like the actual speech. The pauses in his speech gives you time to get all the information in your head. I bet you will never forget “I Have a dream that one day…”just by watching the speech one time it is already stuck in your head.

• How can a writer create a persuasive message without the use of body language? It is possible but it will need to be very catchy remember, we read it a little different then how you wrote it. As long as the topic is something to my interest then you might be able to persuade me. What word choice and tone did the speaker use? Simple and urgent, it was simple to understand but with a tone you will remember. What was the effect? Everybody refers back to “I have a dream”. Did he or she use logic or emotion to persuade the audience? Yes, there was a little emotion. Provide an example. He was teary eyed throughout the whole speech plus the eye contact.

• Did you find the speech persuasive? Yes why or why not? First of all it got my attention just by the tone he was using, I also felt that everything that he was saying was true and from his heart and made a lot of sense to me.

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