MATH1014 Calculus II

MATH1014 Calculus II

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MATH1014 Calculus II
Midterm Examination (White Version)


30th Mar 2014

Student ID:
Lecture Section:

• This is a closed book examination. No Calculator is allowed in this examination.
• DO NOT open the exam until instructed to do so.
• Turn off all phones and pagers, and remove headphones. All electronic devices should be
kept in a bag away from your body.
• Write your name, ID number, and Tutorial Section in the space provided above, and also in
the Multiple Choice Item Answer Sheet provided.
• Check that the version of your Multiple Choice Item Answer Sheet matches the color
version of your exam paper: Green, Orange, Yellow, or White (if no color version printed on
the MC answer sheet).
• Answer all questions. Show an appropriate amount of work for each long problem. If you do
not show enough work, you will get only partial credit.
• DO NOT use any of your own scratch paper. Write your name on every scratch paper
supplied by the examination, and do not take any scratch paper away after the examination.


• When instructed to open the exam, please check that you have
pages of questions in
addition to the cover page. There are two blank pages and a formula sheet attached which
can be used as scratch paper.
• You may write on the backside of the pages, but if you use the backside, clearly indicate that
you have done so.
• Cheating is a serious violation of the HKUST Academic Code. Students caught
cheating will receive a zero score for the examination, and will also be subjected
to further penalties imposed by the University.
Please read the following statement and sign your signature.
I have neither given nor received any unauthorized aid during this examination. The answers
submitted are my...

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