Mba 500 Gap Analysis

Mba 500 Gap Analysis

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Gap Analysis: Global Communications
Ben Johnson
University of Phoenix

Gap Analysis: Global Communications
Global Communications has fallen behind in an industry in which change is required for survival. Its stock prices have fallen as has the confidence of its investors. The major problem is that competition in the telecommunications industry has become fierce with too many companies vying for customers. To stay in business G.C. will have to undertake strategic level changes in its products, its operations and in its workforce. These changes will not be readily accepted by many stakeholders, especially the employees and labor union.
The senior staff has devised a two tiered approach to meeting current challenges. One plan is to expand its products and services to better compete with the bundled product offerings of cable companies. This move will require G.C. to partner with another company such as a satellite based television and broadband provider. The second major direction is to reduce costs by outsourcing labor to India and Ireland and renegotiating contracts with its worker’s union. Both of these thrusts will be augmented by aggressively marketing its current and new products in international markets, a move which, in the past, met with limited success.
These are very complex and sweeping changes which Global Communications is contemplating. Their implementation will be further complicated by the breakdown of communication between G.C. and its worker’s union. The senior staff of G.C. will have to repair broken relationships even as they continue their multi-step problem-solving approach to transform the company.

Situation Analysis
Issue and Opportunity Identification
Global Communications (G.C.) is facing an economic crisis. Its revenues and profits are down, and stock prices have fallen by more than 50% which has upset shareholders. The primary reason for this...

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