Mba 510 World Bank Solution Paper

Mba 510 World Bank Solution Paper

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Problem Solution: USA World Bank
University of Phoenix

Problem Solution: USA World Bank
The objective of the paper is to define a strategic strategy for USA World Bank, which should keep the business growth in track with bank’s vision. To define this, the paper will start with company introduction and then analyze situation by identifying the issue and opportunities as per the UWB scenario. Situation at UWB should be able to define the problem in the organization. Before moving forward this paper will define the end state goals or vision of the company. After having a clear picture of current situation and problem in relation to company vision will exhibit a good picture of the gap, which could be used to research alternative solutions through benchmarking, their assessment through SWOT (Strength, Weakness, Opportunity, Threats) analysis giving us a good picture of risk and possible optimal solution for UWB. At the end this paper will explain the implementation plan and Evaluation process for the optimal solution to ensure that solution was fruitful for UWB. Finally the paper will end with summarizing the paper and outcome in conclusion.
USA World Bank (UWB) is a leading bank in USA. The bank serves both large consumer and small business customer base. The bank introduces a new product every year to the market to be able to stay competitive in the industry. This year also the bank is enthusiastic about launching a new product which should show better performance on products launched in last two years which have experienced marginal success. Marketing executives are responsible to presenting the new product to the board before launch. The resources, knowledge and energy of this department is what makes development of new successful ideas that will impact the customer loyalty and create new market of opportunities for the bank to capture for future...

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