Mba-560 Legal Concepts Worksheet

Mba-560 Legal Concepts Worksheet

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Legal Concepts Worksheet

Concept Application of Concept to the Issue of Downloading Reference to Concept in Reading
Digital Millennium Copyright Act

As technology continues to grow and consumer demand increases for things right now, opens up the opportunity for a violation of copyright laws. There are so many websites available through the world wide web that allows consumers to get involved in activity that is against the law. There are many peer to peer downloading websites for music and movies. The bootleggers are using this avenue to obtain music and movies to reproduce for profit. “The Digital Millennium Copyright act makes illegal the effort to get around devices used by copyright owners to keep their works from being infringed” (Reed, et al, 2005). The law is used to help prevent illegal reproduction, marketing and selling of protected material.
Cyber Law

Who regulates these laws and how do they get formed? Is it fair to monitor the activity of others on the internet with the hopes of finding someone doing something illegal? Are the rights of the consumer protected? There are so many illegal activities from file sharing to trading and copying material that laws have to be established to protect the owner of the material from having it reproduced without permission. This happens all the time with people copying images and using them as their own. Many websites have images on them as part of their layout and people copy and paste these images and reproduce other products from it. The court systems have not come up with a definite way to enforce cyber laws, because of the consumer’s right to privacy. This is an area that continues to be pursued by the court system (Reed, et al, 2005).

Striving artist are always looking for ways to bring the consumer to his or her music. Sampling is one way that many in the music industry are able to catch the attention of future buyers. The artist has to make sure that they are not...

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