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Medea is a tragic play. This play is about a woman named Medea who

is filled with grief and rage. She was in a lot pain because after sacrificing so much for

her husband Jason, he decides that he is going to leave Medea for the young princess,

king Creon’s daughter. This made Medea loose her mind and planned on murdering the

princess and even her own children to hurt Jason .Because of that Medea became a

Medea in the play was also the tragic hero. She allowed her pain get the best of

her. Because of that she made the wrong decisions. Her tragic flaw to me was her eager

for revenge. It cost her the lives of her children, which was the most selfish thing a

mother could do or even a woman. Like Medea any woman would be terribly hurt but not

every woman would take it as far as she did.

I know that I wouldn’t let a man leaving, turn me into a cold hearted person or

turn me into a murderer. I believe that life goes on, she should have turned her focus on

loving her children. Her two sons lost their lives because their mother only was thinking of

herself. It truly upsets me to because at the end of the play when Jason reminds her that

she too suffers from her crime, Medea still claims that vengeance was worth the pain.

How can revenge be worth the price of your very flesh and blood. Even though she said it

was worth it, this will be a tragedy which will live with her for the rest of her life. Her

conscience will only torment her until her day she dies. Medea to me could have handle

things so much differently.

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