Media Literacy

Media Literacy

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Name: Nouran Nasser
Presented to: Dr. Evonne Whitmore

Women breakfast club


It’s a breakfast show, targeting women in different ages and from various social classes. It will be handling issues that women face and care in their daily life. It will be divided in different sections discussing (politics, social issues, health, beauty, fashion, cooking, and horoscopes).


The guests will be selected referring to every section in the show every section will be interviewing a guest once or twice a week based on two things the topics of every episode and also will be involving audiences selection by voting at the end of every episode we let our target audience pick their favorite guest among famous three guests.
.the show will include different interaction methods (like receiving mails e-mails and faxes, sms, phone calls)


My aim is to serve women needs in all aspects of life through newly techniques, and expose to the audience the important role of women nowadays by interviewing successful symbols of women.
Also, the show want to help house wives by giving them new cooking recipes, ideas to renew their homes and ways to keeps their beauty lasts.
The first thing I will do is to research and research for my topics and get information from professional experts and do surveys on every topic I will be selecting, and try to get the most unique and important data which will help to be more exciting and interesting for my audience.

In studio
The setup of the show will be mixture of classic and modern style of decoration and furniture; I will be using different styles for every sections according to its nature for e.g.; (for cooking section I will be having a modern style kitchen with the newest kitchen equipments. For beauty section I will be having make up set…etc).

Target Audience

I will be targeting women from 18 to 50 years old. From different social class (from A to D class).

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