Media Strategies

Media Strategies

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Media Strategies for
Smoking Control-

January 14-15, 1988

US Department of Health
and Human Services
Public Health Service
National Institutes of Health


8 What Do We Mean by "Media Advocacy?"
8 What is the Role of Smoking Control Media Advocacy?

1 Basic Principles of Media Advocacy

12 Be Flexible, Spontaneous, and Creative
12 Seize the Initiative/ Don't be Intimidated
13 Stay Focused on the Issues
14 Make it Local/Keep it Relevant
14 Know the Medium
16 "Narrowcast," or Target Your Media Messages
16 Make Sure Your Media Know and Trust You
17 Your Best Spokesperson May Be Someone Else
18 Wit and Humor Have Many Uses and Virtues

2 Strategies for Gaining Access to the Media

20 Soft Path and Hard Path
21 Creative Epidemiology
22 Relative Harms of Smoking
22 Localizing Statistics
22 Public Policy Implications
23 Timely Reaction to the General News Environment
23 Turning the Tables of the Tobacco Industry
23 Distortions of Science
24 Marketing, Advertising, and Promotional Excesses and Abuses
24 The Misuse of Philanthropy
24 Political Excesses
25 Public Policy Initiatives are Newsworthy
26 Promoting Public Policy Role Models
27 Creating News With C;eated Events
27 Public Service Announcements
28 Paid Advocacy Advertising

3 Strategies for Framing and Seizing the Symbols of the Debate

31 Labeling "We" and "They"
33 Associating Public Policy Objectives With Popular and
Legitimate Values and Symbols
34 Characterizing the Scientific Case Against Smoking
34 Characterizing Smoking Control Policies
35 Restrictions on Smoking in Public Places
35 Restrictions on Smoking in the Workplace
36 Restrictions on Cigarette Advertising and Promotion
36 Excise Tax Increases

Appendices' -
37 Appendix A: Selected Media Resource Guides
38 Appendix B: Smoking Control Laws and...

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