Media Systems in Rwanda

Media Systems in Rwanda

cmd 151: media in africa

american university of nigeria
School of Information Technology & Communications

Media systems in Rwanda

Assignment Submitted


Frank E. Effa

Student ID: 907179

Fall 2008

Course Instructor: Professor R. T. M’Bayo

12th December, 2008


The above map is the map of Rwanda which this term paper is based on.

Abstract ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------ 4
Introduction -------------------------------------------------------------------------- 5
Theoretical Perspectives ----------------------------------------------------------------- 5
The Media Environment in Rwanda ------------------------------------------------------ 6
Factors responsible for the media situation in Rwanda ------------------------------------ 7
Media infrastructure in Rwanda ------------------------------------------------------------- 8
Conclusion ------------------------------------------------------------------------------- 9
References -------------------------------------------------------------------------------- 10
The media are known to either improve on any given situation or worsen it when any report is carried out on in a particular area. This image of the media has been dominant for a while, for this reason many African governments have chosen to effectively censor the media in their countries. It is necessary that we know that a country’s political history is also a history of that country’s media systems. The media’s role and performance remains a topic of great concern. Discussions about the role of the media as initiators of conflict have also gained popularity over the last few years and there are question of...

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