Meeting an Old Injured Man by the Road Side

Meeting an Old Injured Man by the Road Side

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One day you found an injured person lying by the roadside. Write about this incident.

Last week I went for a horror movie with a friend of mine. Due to the length of the movie, it ended past midnight. Transport was not available, so my friend took a taxi and we parted ways as we were going to different directions. I had no choice but to walk back as it was only a short distance. It was a bright night so I decided that it was a good experience talking a slow walk, breathing in the fresh invigorating midnight air.

The night was as quiet as the cemetery except for an occasional hoot by an old owl performing its night duty. An occasional roar of a car passing by broke the silence of the night again. The atmosphere was rather eerie and chilling but being used to such conditions I was rather brave. As I was passing a narrow lane, I heard a hoarse cough. My attention was immediately focused on an object on the road. Upon closer scrutiny, I saw that it was an old man. He was in pain and was groaning. Fortunately, the brilliant moon cast some light and I could see very well that the man was badly injured, probably beaten or knocked down by a hit and run car. I wasted no time and enquired his condition.

The old man looked weak and only a faint voice could be heard from his murmuring. I strained my ears to listen attentively but could not figure out the dialect he was uttering. I thought it was best that I should seek help first. There was foam forming around his mouth and my guess was that he could have been knocked down by a car. His shirt was badly torn and with the little light cast upon him, I tried to do my best to provide basic medical aid.

As I had not seen such a gory scene before, it was indeed frightening for me. I could feel droplets of sweat dripping down like water trickling down from a tap. I was in great fear but I tried to muster up the little courage I had. My hands were soaked in the old man’s blood and my shirt too, was soiled and stained. My...

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